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In the computer industry, it is possible for multiple computers to run under one platform. A server system refers to software that makes this operation possible. It facilitates the running of multiple user programs. Application from different computer platforms are networked and directed to one single main platform. Activities such as sharing files and sending emails are directly catered for by the system. A server administrator who is in charge of the whole system monitors the system to ensure that it functions as required.

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There are a number of factors to be considered when setting up a system.

They include:

Your budget plan. It represents the amount of money you are willing to incur in setting up your server. A higher budget represents a complex but efficient system. You can only manage to draw your expected budget if you come up with a simple sketch of how the server should look like.

The hardware considerations of the system. These include the tangible equipment that will be required in setting up your connection. For instance, you will be needed to buy several hub connection cables and many other hardware components. It is these components that will link all your computers under one platform.

Software considerations. For communication to occur between two connected computers there has to be a common software or application that will facilitate communication from each endpoint. You have to inquire and know the best software you should acquire.

Operating speed and power of your intended server system. The computer intended to administrate the other devices should be one that operates at favourable speeds. Most organizations acquire very powerful machines for this task. Powerful hosting machines safely safeguard data and information from the client computers. The number of requests made by client computers to the host server system dictates how powerful the system is. The more the requests, the more powerful your system has to be.

Opportunity for third party installations on the host computer. A good server should be able to accommodate third -- party programs which are essential to the overall running of the whole system.

User friendliness of administrative tools. Most of the host computers have an interface that is not friendly to new users. This is aimed at allowing only the system manager to access the system. However, if you are planning to employ a system manager, it is good that you also understand how the administrative tools operate.

Server systems are important in creating more working space. By incorporating it into your organization your administrative work will be made simple.